Glossaic | Share your Google Photos & Videos

How it works

  1. Register your Glass device in by clicking "Get it on Glass" button below.
  2. You will receive an email with your user / pass. You can use your user / pass to log into Glossaic site and link your Glossaic account with Twitter/Facebook (through the options menu) to share your pictures / videos with your favorite social networks (you can configure this feature to manual or automatic mode).
  3. Once you take a picture (or record a video) from Glass, share it through 'Share this with...' menu, choosing 'Glossaic'.
  4. You should receive a new card with the picture and a 'sync' icon; once the picture is published, the sync icon will be replaced by a 'Published' label.
  5. In the new card menu, you'll have access to your media options: description, like / dislike, share in networks and delete.
  6. Remember you can also add comments and likes to your favorite pictures and videos; the more comments / likes a picture (or video) has, the bigger it will appear on the final "Glass Mossaic"!


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